Update from Tailgate Alaska

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It’s just beginning to get crazy up in Valdez. Alta Mountain Productions checks in with some photos showing the behind-the-scenes at Tailgate. Valdez isn’t a bad place to be in the Spring, it turns out!

It's not a party until there are flags.

The Tailgate Alaska Village grows

Tony Carter from Red Bull gave us a few snowmobiles and just a bit of Red Bull. He's the man!

Editing in the war room...


High Pressure in the Tetons

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If its not snowing then it might as well be sunny, eh? During last months massive streak of sunny weather Alta Mountain Productions Cinematographer Brandon Gust headed out into the Teton backcountry with She Jumps Executive Director Claire Smallwood to do some deep pow exploration. On top of capturing the events in stunning HD video, Gust also snapped a couple stills along the way. Enjoy, and Pray for more snow.

Brandon Gust featured on the Snaz

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If you’ve never checked out “The Snaz” there is no better time than the present. Once you go, you’ll see what we mean.

Big thanks to the Snaz for featuring “The Road”

All-women’s ski movie premiere in Driggs, Idaho

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A great movie event is happening in downtown Driggs next Thursday (the 25th). SheJumps.org will be getting the local ladies fired up with a new all-women’s big mountain skiing movie called “Catch Us If You Can.”

Check it out!
6-8 p.m. // Habitat // Downtown Driggs, ID // free beer and food

Check out more about the event by clicking here.

Featured Video of the Day: SheJumps.org

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Have you ever heard of SheJumps.org? It’s a website and nonprofit, all dedicated to inspiring and increasing the participation of women in outdoor sports. Co-founded by professional skiers Lynsey Dyer and Claire Smallwood along with journalist Vanessa Pierce, it holds a stake in the outdoor industry for women, period. Alta Mountain Productions teamed up with SheJumps Executive Director Claire Smallwood last month to do some filming and this is what we came up with. Enjoy! It is one of the current featured videos of SheJumps.org.

Alta Mountain Productions

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Alta Mountain Productions is located in Alta, Wyoming. We specialize in filming any and all outdoor adventures that our clients can come up with.

This site is under construction. If you have any questions, please contact altamtnproductions@gmail.com

Pray for Snow!